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üçüncü stage — Istanbul

Last night I talked on the “phone” (aka Skype) with my Aunt Mary Ellen, who was eager to hear what I thought about our study trip to Istanbul. Distilling a week’s worth of sensory and mental overload, I replied, “It was chaotic. Every street is as crowded as Times Square.” That’s partly the truth. I … Continue reading

Secondo Stage — Emilia

This week I am once again on a vegetarian diet, which means that I am freshly returned to Bra from a meat, cheese, beer, and wine-heavy stage. Our study trip in Emilia-Romagna last week was even more gluttonous than last month’s jaunt to Veneto, since the northern-central region is the home of some of Italy’s … Continue reading

Primo Stage – Veneto

As I said to my friend Jamie-Lee yesterday, I finally understand why people do juice cleanses. I’m back in a snow-blanketed Bra after my class’s first stage, or study trip, to the Veneto region, and I am still feeling full from all the polenta, pasta, risotto, salumi, cheese, and rich meat they fed us over … Continue reading

Cooking Indian in Italy — a Crash Course

For me, the most surprising thing about studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences has not been the coursework. Sure, it is unusual to get to attend beer tastings and learn about the regional specialties of the Veneto region under the auspices of a Master degree program, but that I expected — after all, this … Continue reading

Cramming in Some Final Holiday Bites

I was going to share these recipes before Christmas, before the long family meals laden with roasts and topped off with heaps of cookies, when everyone would still be in the mood for thinking about food, let alone eating it. Yet my own pre-Christmas plans—recovering from back-to-back days of beer and chocolate tastings, last-minute aperetivos … Continue reading

20 beers, 6 hours: Beer Tasting Class

Today I drank beer in class. At 11:00 AM. Actually, I drank 20 different beers today (not the whole bottles! just sips!) in my six-hour-long Beer Tasting class with Professor Mirco Marconi. As a big fan of Philadelphia’s local microbrews, a sucker for sour beers, and a girl with a sweet spot for a hefeweizen … Continue reading