Posted in May 2013

When Food School Means Cooking School

The University of Gastronomic Sciences—or, in UNISG student short-hand, “Food School”—does not teach the culinary arts. In Pollenzo, we take courses like “Consumption, Food, and Culture” and “Language of Gastronomy,” which encourage critical and theoretical engagement with the realm of food studies. Sure, it’s not all theory about the commodification of food and the semiotics … Continue reading

Quinto Stage – Lazio

I’m six months into my stint as a gastronome in Italy, and five study trips down. All of this immersion in the world of high-quality foods (and questioning what “quality” even means) has spoiled me, in a way: I’m no longer intrigued by how cheese is made (I’ve memorized the steps) or engrossed in the … Continue reading

Barracuda BBQ

Last week, thanks to Italian Liberation Day, we had four days off from school—a welcome break in this high school-like schedule of classes from 9:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday. Before bouncing to Berlin on Thursday for some cultural  tourism in the form of museum-hopping, pretzel-munching, and zoo-ogling, I kicked off the long weekend at … Continue reading