Posted in April 2013

Penn Appétit Interview

During the first few weeks of my freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, a constellation of events got me thinking critically about food for the first time. We kicked off the semester with a class-wide discussion of Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which introduced me to America’s “national eating disorder”: Americans, who once relied … Continue reading

Quarto stage — Calabria

Last week’s study trip in Calabria kept taking unexpected turns. There was a lot of anxiety-and-nausea-inducing mountain driving in a school bus designed for small children. There was the postprandial “twenty minute stroll” that turned out to be an hour-long full-on trek through forest brush and marsh, complete with two crawls under chain link fences … Continue reading

The New Gastronomes blog

Can’t get enough musings about eating and thinking in Italy? My classmates in the master’s program have been contributing their experiences to The New Gastronomes, a University of Gastronomic Sciences-sponsored blog. I’ve just popped up a post there about memories of my Great Grandma Libretti’s ravioli.

Eating up the Family Tree–Neapolitan Pizza

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been bopping down the boot of Italy with some much-anticipated visitors: my family. I took advantage of the University’s 20%-allowed-absences policy (only in Italy) and extended the front end of my Easter break so that I could show my Aunt Nancy, Aunt Mary Ellen, and brother John around my … Continue reading