Posted in December 2012

Cramming in Some Final Holiday Bites

I was going to share these recipes before Christmas, before the long family meals laden with roasts and topped off with heaps of cookies, when everyone would still be in the mood for thinking about food, let alone eating it. Yet my own pre-Christmas plans—recovering from back-to-back days of beer and chocolate tastings, last-minute aperetivos … Continue reading

20 beers, 6 hours: Beer Tasting Class

Today I drank beer in class. At 11:00 AM. Actually, I drank 20 different beers today (not the whole bottles! just sips!) in my six-hour-long Beer Tasting class with Professor Mirco Marconi. As a big fan of Philadelphia’s local microbrews, a sucker for sour beers, and a girl with a sweet spot for a hefeweizen … Continue reading

Fiera del Bue Grasso

On Thursday I attended a cattle show and auction, ate bollito misto in a heated tent with hundreds of locals, and strolled a town-wide market where vendors hawked everything from porchetta to tractors — all before 11:30 AM. I was at la Fiera del Bue Grasso (the Fair of the Fat Ox) in Carrù, a … Continue reading

What is Slow Food?

Over the past few months, when I told people where I would be studying in Italy, I hesitated to say “The University of Gastronomic Sciences” — the University (founded in 2004) is too young to have international name recognition, and the “gastronomic” component, I found, led my friends, family, and acquaintances to believe that I … Continue reading